In 1933, Prohibition ended. That same year, Johnny Slumlord Sr. initiated his keen sense of creative intuition. Master Slumlord was the type of man who found happiness in throwing big, elaborate parties.  He indulged in, well, let’s just say he indulged in a lot of different things.  He was known mostly for being one who loved spending time with his friends and family. Once the bill to abolish Prohibition had passed, Master Slumlord vowed to create a common interest between man, booze and good old- fashioned fun.  Never again would partying be taken for granted.
            The following summer, Master Slumlord fell head over heels for a nursemaid with giant melons whom he had hired to keep his mansion super clean. The following year, Johnny Slumlord Jr. was born.  By his eighteenth birthday, he was ready to take over the family business. 
             Johnny Jr. had, what the kids on the street call, “huge” potential.  Thanks to his father, he had “great, big, all around” business tactics. He had acquired many friends all over the world. Cooler Scooter races were held in the White House with the President and the staff. Water balloon launchers hurled water balloons at the Berlin Wall with long time friend, Margaret Thatcher.  Once, he even participated in a Flip Cup tournament with his holiness, the Dalai Lama.
            The legacy lives on with Johnny Slumlord II, who created and continues to run the company today. Sites like and  are just 2 of the many sites that are soon to be as memorable as the end of Prohibition itself.    The Slumlord’s understood the dignity of being loyal to something they love and believe in.  That tradition will continue for many years to come.
In the famous words of Johnny Jr. when he was surfing with Buzzy Trent, “Party On Dude”.